24 JUNE, 2016  I  Electro-Arc


1. DEMONS (short version)  
2. DEMONS (subLOGIC remix)
3. DEMONS (Forteba remix)
4. DEMONS (re-Fusion)
5. DEMONS (First Aid 4 Souls remix)


Label: Electro-Arc
rel. date: 24.Jun.2016

Catalog #: 1001050
Barcode: 4001617075555

Written by Steve Les

Tracks 1, 4: Produced / edited / mixed by Steve Les

Track 2: Remixed / mixed by subLOGIC

Track 3: Remixed / mixed by Forteba

Track 5: Remixed / mixed by First Aid 4 Souls

Mastered by Intrendent, Red Light Studios, Ffm
except track 5, by István Gazdag

Photography by Péter Nyerges
Design / illustration by Tamás Merényi





I can’t speak
I can’t move
Every night I stare out of the window

I can’t scream
I can’t go away
In the distance I see a bomb cloud again

I can’t hide
I can’t run away
I feel the shockwave bursts me

The night is dangerous for my mind
I can be lost in the time
I hope the sun comes out of the nightfall
And calmness lands on my soul

I can’t breathe
I can’t move
Getting stuck into a tight way through

I can’t remove
I can’t drive away
I can’t stop my dark nightmares

I can’t draw back
I can’t clutch at
I fall down into the depth